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Bird Watching in Nepal

Bird Watching in NepalNepal (Nepal Birdwatching Tour) is blessed with a vast array of exceptionally rich bird life with total of over 850 species recorded . A diverse topography and climate has resulted in a variety of habitats within the country, which are home to over 8% of the Worlds total bird population.

Nepal is a paradise for the birdwatcher. From the lowland jungle of the Terrai and the Kosi Tappu barrage through dense rhododendron and Oak forest of the middle hills to the windswept plateaus of the high Himalaya there is always something to keep one twitching.

Phulchowki: (Birdwatching Tour in Nepal)
Situated 20km south-east of Kathmandu, it has 265 species of birds. This include babblers, warbles, tits, thrashes, minivets and woodpeckers.

Shivpuri Watershed and Wildlife Reserve :
Situated 11km north of Kathmandu, it is a responitory of birds (entry fees Rs.250)

Nagarjun Forest :
5km from Balaju, it has Kalij, Bonelli’s eagles, and other exotic birds species.

Gokarna :
7km northeast of Kathmandu, it boasts of speckled mountain thrash, orange headed ground thrush and brown owl. Besides these places famous for Bird watching there are other destinations includes Manahara, near Airport and Taudaha, Near Dakshinkali.

Nagarjun Forest
Shivapuri National Park is one of the richest forested areas in the Kathmandu valley. The park has several entry points, the closest for Kathmandu dwellers being the army check point at Gairigaon, north of the Budhanilkantha Temple. The park is home to around 318 species of bird. That high number is not the only charming aspect of bird watching in Shivapuri, for the forests are relatively unexplored, especially the northern side, according to Suresh Shakya, who has studied the area's birds for a long time. The potential for discovering new species is great in Shivapuri. It was here that Jochen Martin first discovered the Nepal Wren Babbler. The species was considered endemic to Nepal until recently when it was also recorded in India's Corbett National Park. The forests hold a significant population of three restricted-range bird species: the Spiny Babbler, which is also Nepal's only endemic bird, the Hoary-throated Barwing and the White-throated Tit. The park has a diverse vegetation; the lower slopes are now reduced to scrub, the upper slopes are covered in temperate forests. This diversity is reflected in the avifauna of the area, including the Hill Partridge, Great Barbet, Wedge-tailed Green Pigeon, Eurasian Jay, Kalij Pheasant, Nepal Fulvetta, Asian Paradise-Flycatcher, Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, Mountain Scops Owl and Grey-winged Blackbird. Birds of prey include various eagles, and a variety of robins, warblers and laughing thrushes are also found. Two globally threatened birds, the White-rumped Vulture and Hodgson's Bushchat can also be seen. Shivapuri is a delight to all bird watchers who have an eye for exploration.

Bonelli's eagles

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