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Honey Hunting in Nepal

Honey Hunting in NepalHoney hunting in Nepal is one of the traditional occupations of many ethnic groups in Nepal. various ethnic groups such as Gurung and Magar residing in the boulder areas still preserve this traditional job, attracting many tourists, film makers, journalists, researchers, explores to name a few.

This ancestral job of honey hunting (Honey Hunting Tour Package in Nepal) still continues in many remote villages of Nepal which attract many tourist during the hunting season especially around the Annapurna region, Dhading and Jharlang across Ganesh Himal Arun valley in Makalu and other trekking areas have become Popular for honey hunting.

The honey (Nepal Honey Hunting) is harvested twice a year, once in April-May and again in October-November. The honey collected in spring has a higher flavor and is favored. This wild honey has medicinal value and fetches a great deal of money in the international market. This is an ancient tradition handed down through generations.

Requiring remarkable skills, it is undertaken by experienced villagers who hang from cliffs as tall as 300m with the help of home-made hemp ropes and ladders. During this season, if you are interested to spend time to explore the honey hunting you can opt for that otherwise, the trekking is combined alone with this route, so that you will be able see and gain both the experience of having magnificent views of majestic Himalayas and honey hunting occupation of various ethnic groups. (Adventure Honey Hunting Tour in Nepal, )