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About Custom Trek Nepal
After my 10 years of teaching experience in different ethnic groups with its own different culture and customs as well as 18 years of experience in trekking and travel trade I got my own isolated ideas on customs. Nepal is probably the only one country in the world which has its own rich of cultures and customs. Although custom is highly talked in the tourism sector but it does not seem applied in practical so I personally being the son of an indigenous group (Gurung community) I just thought why not I run a leading Nepal government registered trekking company which can deliver a precious taste of customs for all young and elder age group tourist who come to visit Nepal for their holiday from all over the world.

There is no doubt each and every cast of the people in Nepal has their own customs but as I told above having customs only not efficient if we can at least introduce our overall customs to the tourist, it will be better for while nation and literally tourist will get satisfied feeling themselves finding something new from Nepal and Nepalese.

My own experience says, when I take my trekkers on the trekking every time they love to stay at local guest house more like calling it “home stay” trekking which is quite ‘eco friendly trekking” and they have big curiosity how Nepalese customs like ? I do personally share and each of my Sherpa guides also trained about it and they are highly keen to share about it to all our trekkers/visitors.

In Nepal, different ethnic group holds their own customs for instant Hindus has their own ritual activities during their wedding, birth day of their child, Buddhist has their own style of customs whereas Muslim and other religion has different. Nepal being the mixed culture and customs country to learn its mysterious culture and customs from different ethnic group will be an opportunity for every trekkers/travelers and scholars too.

My vision, mission and goal is to provide adequate opportunity to our valued clients from all over the world. When you come for your holiday plan “surprise yourself” learning at least five Nepali words and “enjoy yourself” learning mysterious Nepali customs which may help you feel proud. Custom trek is the only one trek company who may you learn a lot without any big effort.

Let’s respect, love and preserve each of our customs. Do not hesitate to learn more about Nepal customs while you are in Nepal for your holiday.

Last but not the least; Custom trek is the only one trekking company in Nepal who has veteran knowledge and professional arrangement to let you learn more about it. We love to speak, teaching and writing about “Custom of Nepal” so do not you think you should inquire us about it ? Let’s go for it….!!!!

Custom Trek Nepal (Nepal Trekking Agency) is a team of passionate tourism professionals and dedicated to make your trip a memorable in your lifetime. Custom Trek Nepal is one of the well-reputed, trustworthy and an authorized trekking agency in Nepal, committed to make you fully satisfied during your holiday to this tiny but amazing country—Nepal. We provide you such a quality services with a blend of care and sincerity so that you will be able to discover the natural diversity, variety of culture, flora and fauna among others, through thrilling activities namely, trekking, mountaineering, wildlife safari, rafting and tour among others. Every team member of Custom Trek Nepal is well-experienced in the field of mountaineering, trekking, rafting, tour, expedition and wide range of areas in the tourism. All of them have spent over a decade or so in trekking and tours and made a successful summit on a numerous mountains in the country. Each member of the team in Custom Trek Nepal is trained by the Nepal Mountaineering Association, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Trekking Agency Association of Nepal and from a numerous of other organizations relating to trekking, tour, mountaineering and other fields and therefore, they have thorough knowledge in the field of geography and culture.

Besides, tourism Custom Trek Nepal and its team members are so conscious about the environment and dedicated for protecting, preserving and improving the environment in the mountain range, therefore, ecologically we have been one of the leading trekking companies. We also believe that only a kind of consciousness only can preserve the ecology, the indigenous culture and the diversity of the country and keep it intact and therefore, we conduct any kinds of activities and perform the service delivery accordingly. Nepal Trekking Operator, Nepal Treks

Every team member and their ways of service delivery make you feel you are at home away from home. Every team member is the license holders to work in their respective filed of expertise and are devoted to make you fully satisfied during your holiday not only in Nepal alone but also in Tibet, India and Bhutan. They are dedicated to help you discover the natural diversity, cultural variety, flora and fauna through any activities — trekking, mountaineering, and other adventure sports.

Why Custom Trek Nepal?

Our each member are well-experienced and have spent over a decade or so in the field of trekking, mountaineering, expedition and say in overall tourism industry. Therefore, they offer you such services so that you will be able to achieve success on the different adventurous activities in the country. We make sure that every aspect of your trip is safe, enjoyable and comfortable. We maintain the highest quality of service with carefully organized itineraries and logistics in order to ensure your safety and best use of both your time and money. Every team member of Custom Trek Nepal has a thorough knowledge of all the itineraries, finest hotels or restaurants on the route, the most reliable transportation services and the most dependable support, which all make your trip a fond in your lifetime. Our overall goal is to be your first choice in guiding service and dedicated for your maximum satisfaction through the quality service and assuming of proper responsibility.

In a nutshell, you can check some of our features in the followings:

Flexible schedule
We are so flexible relating to your trekking itineraries, date and schedule. You will have hosts of options for trekking individual or with a group. You can fix it up the date and itineraries that you want and tell us, we are ready to provide the services as per your time, money, demand and choices.

Well experienced team members
Our trekking leaders and each team member are dedicated to their job and they are competent. They are full time staffs of our company. They are not hired mere for the trekking purpose. Thus, they are dedicated and competent in order to ensure your trip a success. Everyone can speak English fluently and have many years experience of leadership in trekking.

Payment options

We do not have hard and fast rule regarding payment. You can pay on your arrival in Nepal (no deposit is required) or pay prior to departure for your trek. Custom Trek Nepal offers you several payment options, which are so convenient and the cost is the reasonable one.

We do have private car in order to transfer you in the hotel, pick up or drop in the airport. We have close contacts with domestic flights and provide private tourist buses.

Several choices in food during trek You will have hosts of choices in the meal during your trek. We normally provide range of cuisines from simple local /Nepali food to the western-style dishes. We also provide the service to those who have specific dietary, when it is required.

Emergency helicopter rescue available Our company has the close contact with the emergency helicopter service provider in case of serious accidents or illness. Furthermore, Custom Trek Nepal also provides the insurance (if necessary) to cover these potential high cost procedures.

Custom Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Team Members

Ambir Bahadur Gurung (Tamoo) - Team Leader

Ambir GurungAmbir Bahadur Gurung (Tamoo) He is the founder of Custom Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. He started his career as a trekking guide and visited many places both within and outside the country, also earning a master degree in political science.

After getting extreme knowledge in adventure, travel and management he was able to establish trekking company (Custom Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd.) and the website

Custom Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. is one among the reputred and trust worthy company in Nepal. It has been sucessfully providing services right from its establishment. No doubt, if you are planning to trek in Nepal, then you are visiting the right trekking company.

Custom Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. has well experienced and well trained trekking crews from trekking leaders to trekking helpers. Bellow are some of the personalities behind Custom Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. who are ready at your service in Nepal.

Anjir Gurung (Assistant Manager)

Anjir Gurung (Assistant Manager)Anjir Gurung is a very experienced and ambitious person in our company. He operates the accounts and the operation sections of the company. He likes adventure and loves joining one of our outdoor trips on mountains or rivers, whenever he has a bit of free time from the office work.

Custom Trek Nepal Pvt. Ltd. Trekking Leaders

They are highly knowledgeable trekking leader, with more than 10-15 years experiences. They have been providing excellent services to trekkers as trek leader and can speak English, Hindi including Japaneese. Their knowledge includes the history, culture, traditions and climate of the regions where they lead their trekkers groups. As for the ladies clients, we too have managed them by providing ladies trekking leader and ladies trekking helper during their trip.

They are natural with people and popular among their peers. They lead treks, tours, peak climbing all over the Country. After having experience in this places they moved on to develop more sophisticated camping and home stay trips to lesser-visited regions of Nepal . Their smile, wonderful sense of hospitality and love of singing Nepali folk songs, dance, playing Nepali TOM-TOM during the trip is sure to quickly make clients happy, pleasure by knowing the tradition of Nepalese people which makes the trip extra-ordinary. They have been working in Custom Trek Nepal from the very beggining. They are the licensed guide by the authority of Nepal government.

  • RajendraRajendra Rijal
  • Bhim Bahadur Gurung (Trek Leader) Bhim Bahadur Gurung
  • Arjun Shrestha Arjun Shrestha
  • Aakriti Gurung Aakriti Gurung
  • Som Bahadur Gurung Som Bahadur Gurung
  • Dinesh Gurung Dinesh Gurung
  • Rita Gurung Rita Gurung
  • Lal Bahadur Gurung (A) Lal Bahadur Gurung (A)
  • Shiva Bahadur Gurung Shiva Bahadur Gurung
  • Nikesh Gurung Nikesh Gurung
  • Suden Gurung Suden Gurung
  • Lal Bahadur Gurung (B) Lal Bahadur Gurung (B)